Elephant Carpet Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning:

Elephant Carpet Cleaning has many years' of experience providing professional air duct cleaning services that improve indoor air quality and reduce the cycling of your air-conditioning system, helping it last longer. Left untreated, your air duct system can build up an unsafe level of fungi, mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens that irritate health conditions such as asthma. 

Our air duct cleaning service uses a vacuum under negative pressure to remove pollutants and debris from your system. We also take the time to sanitize and deodorize each component of your air and heating unit.

Clean and deodorize: Vents - Ductwork - Furnace - Air conditioning system.

Remove: Allergens - Dirt - Dust -Construction debris - Pet dander.

Benefits: Lowered energy costs - Increased efficiency of your ventilation systems - Asthma and allergy relief - Cleaner and healthier air quality - Less frequent dusting

Get rid of dust and debris that provide a breeding ground for mold, germs and fungi


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